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Now in its seventh year of publication, The BI Survey by Nigel Pendse is an annual report based on the world's largest independent survey of Business Intelligence and Performance Management users.

The BI Survey 7 uncovers the truth about why real-world organizations select BI products, how they use them, and with what success. It also compares the leading products on the market across a number of key criteria such as performance, scalability and vendor support. Unlike many other surveys, it is not sponsored by any vendor and is 100% free of vendor influence.

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"The BI Survey offers good, detailed information on BI products supported by end-user experiences in other organizations. The chapter on the purchase cycle (including influences, reasons to buy and project success factors) helped us a lot. We rate The BI Survey very highly and recommend it for its fact-based and unbiased evaluation of BI products."
Thorsten Sommer, BI Project Lead, Volkswagen AG

"We used The BI Survey extensively in our tool selection strategy, especially when looking at product scalability, availability and ease-of-use. It is an ideal resource for anyone undertaking an evaluation of BI products on the market."
Bernhard Eisenbarth, Director ICT Management, UBS, Switzerland